What’s Autism Got To Do With Elections????

I have barely slept for the past few weeks since Theresa May announced the General Election on the 8th of June 2017. Now I’m positive you’ll be asking why you worried? It doesn’t affect me. What has the Election got to do with me? Please, please bear with me as I explain. Voting for the SNP councillors in the local Government council elections have nothing to do with supporting Independence. Seriously I know you’ll be shaking your head aye right. They honestly don’t. These elections are preventing a free for all for the Tory Government to do whatever they please when it comes to the upcoming Brexit negotiations….

Scotlands First Minister has been very clever in putting Indy Ref Two on the table before Brexit Negotiations. How can Scotlands imports and exports be negotiated if the EU don’t even know if Scotland will be part of the UK if Independence is voted for. .

Please get out there and vote!!!

I spoke to a very very close family member recently. The local SNP MP and SNP councillors were canvassing in the area and knocked on their door. I know the MP. I sent an email to his office not expecting a reply at all. I explained to him in an email my families dire living conditions a few short weeks ago. He stood up for my family and I got an outcome I was completely happy with.

So….. what’s Autism got to do with it? The Tory government have cut disability benefits and then imposed sanctions on those who need support with living. Thousands of benefit claimants were then interviewed by a private sector company who claimed these people were fit for work. Thousands of people have died due to these sanctions and it was a fight to get the figures published. The Tories have removed thousands of lifelines in the form of mobility cars. People are losing the right to living their lives freely. If I hear the PM use the line Stong and Stable leadership once more, I will Scream. She is a well trained robot. The Conservative Government have also imposed a two children tax credits limit and also imposed the ” rape clause” The sad thing is women who have been raped will not want to prove this. It makes me so sad that individuals are punished to benefit the rich corporations avoiding their Tax obligations in this country.

It is well documented that the Tory government will protect those who are rich and take away from the working class and disabled people. Jack and Daryl will need support for the rest of their lives. Let’s face it, I am not immortal. I wish for an independent Scottish Country because I truly believe when I am not here, my children will be protected….

Please do not waste your vote voting for the Conservatives because you dislike Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP. I am personally asking you to please use your vote and protect the most vulnerable in our society. I am asking you to protect Jack and Daryl… I am asking to you vote SNP Councillors.


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