I will never stop fighting for my babies.

I have had constant ideas over the past few days of my next perfect blog and I have written and rewritten many things. I ended up deleting them all.

Here is a quick introduction. I’m Sam and I am a mummy of three amazing boys. Jack is my oldest and he is 13, he has been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and global development delay. He has severe aggression and can be extremely violent. He also has limited speech. Daryl is 10, he possibly could have Autism. He has Epilepsy, Global development delay. Severe speech and language problems and he too can be aggressive. Kyle is 2 years old. He’s the baby of our family. He is showing no autistic traits yet.I am married to Andy who is an amazing daddy to Kyle and step dad to Jack and Daryl.

I have had numerous meetings over the past week for my boys. A meeting at Kyle’s nursery, a meeting with social work and respite provider. Finally a multi agency meeting for Daryl which ended up having the most positive outcome.

Over the years I have had many battles with professionals to get the help my boys so desperately need. I fought for a house when my relationship ended with Jack and Daryls dad and had to live with my parents with my two young boys. I fought for a social worker who has been a shining star at times. We fought together to get respite for the boys which has allowed them to have weekends and weekly activities away which allow their personalities and abilities to shine through. I fought to get a psychologist and secondly a psychiatrist when the last option to help Jack who suffers huge anxiety due to his Autism and ADHD to go on medication. It has been a long journey and an emotional rollercoaster.

12 years it took me to finally get a diagnosis for Jack. He was diagnosed with Autism on the 27th March 2015. I had been fobbed off with he has Autistic traits too many times and I’d  had enough. 12 years of referrals to different professionals, tears, anger,sheer frustration, fighting and finally someone listened. Things were eventually put in place and the Autism assessment was done in a morning meeting with myself and after observations in school and home environment. I will never ever get over the feeling that day when Jack finally had a diagnosis. It was a massive weight lifted from my shoulders but also the heart wrenching realisation that my baby had now been formally diagnosed with a lifelong disability. Children who are diagnosed with autism grow up to be adults with autism. Nothing could have prepared myself for that moment.

I am now in the process of a new battle. Getting appropriate council housing for our family. 

It has been  consistent fights, tears and tantrums since the boys were born as I got the boys everything they deserved and I’m positive I will fight a few more. I promise Jack, Daryl and Kyle I will always be your voice. I will never stop fighting. You are my World.


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