My Jack xxx

The moment a child is born, you immediately become their world. You are now in charge of this amazing tiny human whose head fits into the palm of your hand. It is now your responsibility to nurture, teach and make sure that you prepare your child for the future. Parenting is hard. I was 19 when my oldest son Jack was born. I was 19! A 19 year old has completed school, made plans for the future and most likely at college or university or has a job, learning and making a living in this world. When I was a young teenager I desperately wanted to be lawyer. I was very good at seeing things from both sides, that could be argued against in a court of law.

I applied to some top Universities and got accepted. As long as I got the grades, I’d be moving to student accommodation in Edinburgh. It was the most exciting future.

Due to not studying the way I really could have I failed those exams. It was the most disappointing time of my life. I cried, a lot and I felt like I let everyone down. Looking back I truly let myself down. I left high school that summer and I found out I was pregnant. It was a very new, scary and exciting period of my life. I loved being pregnant. All the appointments, scans and feeling my baby grow, move and kick inside of me.

He was two weeks overdue and I desperately wanted to meet him. He was  was born on the fourth of May by emergency c section. He had kept me in labour for around 19 hours before he made his appearance into this world. He cried. I got him into my arms for cuddles and I knew then everything was going ro be ok. He was the most important person in my life. I made a promise to him there and then that I would never let him down. I think I have kept that promise. 

He was about 2 years old  when I began to fight for what he deserved and what he needed to progress in this world. Nothing is easy. I have fought for him for all of his life.

Living with autism is not easy. He has required support in most ways since he was a baby. He didn’t walk until he was two years old. He had physiotherapy to support him to learn to walk. In mainstream nursery they couldn’t support his needs and he was very behind his peers.  He was soon transferred to a special needs nursery and then onto primary school where he continued all the way through until he began high school last year.

Autism wasn’t a word I was familiar with until my son started primary school. Unfortunately it took 7 years after that to get him diagnosed with Autism and Adhd. Jack amazes me every day. I am so proud to be his mum. He is funny, sweet, loves playing offices. He also knows most WWE  wrestlers and can hear me if I whisper from upstairs. He will need support all of his life and I’m here to make sure he gets what he deserves.