A different world

This will be my third blog and I thought it’s now appropriate to introduce myself. So…. Allow me to introduce myself, my husband and my amazing kids. I am a 32 year old mammy to three amazing and very different boys. I have three children.  The baby of the family, my 3rd born and definitely my last child was born on Rememberance day of 2014. He was also my third section. My newest scar. He is my husband Andy’s first child. He looks like his daddy and has the same schmooshy cheek ripping out of him. It is very clear that Kyle isn’t a baby anymore. He walks, crawls, climbs and he is figuring his own way in this world already. It is a completely different world. Does that sound harsh? 

Jack is now a teenager, he is 13. He doesn’t even know the significance of his age. He has special needs. His mental age is that of a toddler. He doesn’t understand social boundaries, personal space or danger. He swears like a trooper and he hits me. I have numerous scars on my arms because of his behaviour, meltdowns and high anxiety. Jack has been diagnosed with Autism, Global development delay and ADHD. It is not easy to live with. He mentally drains me some days because I’m trying to make the world and environment right for him. I try to understand him and his aggression. Jack loves playing offices, phoning people, colouring in the best he can. He is currently obsessed with clothing, soft jumpers, jogging bottoms and socks. I pick my battles. 

Daryl is ten years old, he has been diagnosed with global development delay, speech problems and behaviour issues. He is obsessed with playing with his computer, wrestling and figures. He copies Jack’s impulsive behaviour.


In some ways I feel like I am a first time mammy. Kyle teaches me new things every single day. He has walked, most of the time clumsily since he was around 15 months. He walks with confidence now. He babbles, interacts, uses toys appropriately and also has learnt makaton. He can sign yes. He can say mum, dada, dad and honestly he has said Andy. What is Makaton? I hear you ask. Makaton is a version of British sign language but children with additional needs use it to communicate. Jack and Daryl use it everyday. 

Jack and Daryl stay with their dad every week. It is during this time I can get things done. I can properly clean, tidy up, go out places like to get Jack’s glasses fixed, without all the swearing, meltdowns and new scars on my arms. The high anxiety whilst driving I avoided that makes my kids lash out when I reverse or change lane on a motorway. I am so glad Andy doesn’t work at the weekend. He is my rock. Jack and Daryl come home tomorrow… my crazy life begins all over again.


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